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What the Hell

A small selection of Backgrounds made for the movie "What the Hell". An apocalyptic anti-romance. This is a lose retelling of Dante's Inferno complete with modern criticism of society as we face Earth's 6th Mass Extinction Event. Film to be released by NFB in summer of 2024. I wrote, directed, designed, voice acted, and animated this film.

What the Hell: Hell on Earth- War

war zone colour portfolio.jpg

What the Hell: Hell on Earth- Pollution

polution colour test.jpg

What the Hell: Hell on Earth- Drought

famine and drought colour portfolio.jpg

What the Hell: Hell on Earth-Fires

forest fire earth.jpg

What the Hell: Entrance to the Portal

funeral home.jpg

What the Hell: Layer 8 Fraud

layer 8 fraud.jpg

What the Hell: Charlotte's Livingroom

charlottes livingroom 4k.jpg

What the Hell- Layer 2 Lust

wth_lust_prolauge 1.jpg

What the Hell: Purgatory

wth_purgatory_prolauge 1.jpg

What the Hell: Administration Layer

admin centre elevator view portfolio.jpg

: What the Hell- Layer 7 Suicide Forest

suicide forest 3.jpg

What the Hell: Monsters of Hell

wth character lineup portfolio.jpg

What the Hell: Hag Expression Chart

hag expression sheet 221025.jpg

What the Hell: Charlotte rotation chart

charlotte rotation sheet 221116.jpg

What the Hell: Layer 8 Heracy

Heresy_050_0050_MonsterRun_BG_02 finished1.jpg
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